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Unlock New Markets Worldwide with Our Comprehensive Distribution Services

Have you developed products and want to enter the worldwide markets? We are here! Unlock New Markets Worldwide with Our Comprehensive Distribution Services!

Our company offers comprehensive distribution services to manufacturers and brand owners looking to expand their reach globally. Through our affiliated daughter company Bonimedics, we can help you penetrate the lucrative Nordic markets directly. For other countries within our territory, we have a network of trusted sub-distributors who operate under our "umbrella" concept, ensuring seamless and effective distribution of your products. With our expertise and extensive global network, you can trust us to unlock new markets and take your business to new heights.

Our mission is to facilitate customers set up in the new country and provides full-service solutions tailored for our client’s needs including:

  • Appointing local distributors

  • Registration services

  • Regulatory services

  • Sales and distribution

  • Social media planning & online sales support

  • Central marketing activities and monitoring the progress in the country

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